1. Singapore Poly Open House 2012 [Media & Communication Tour]

    This year’s open house for Singapore Polytechnic was definitely a blast. It was so much better than last year. The timings for the open house were extended till late night and and extra day due to the overwhelming people streaming in. I’m not too sure which is the cause but I’m guessing it’s the free Baggu sling bag that SP’s was giving out to the students. 

    Yes, you can tell from the photo that I’m very reluctant to do my job. I can’t remember signing up as a frontliner for my course, and ended up being a tour-guide. It’s was really a tiring job as the weather was extremely bright and sunny! I had to walk up and down for 3 hours straight.

    But after hearing the incentives I’m getting, of course, a smile went across my face. We were given 4 dollars worth of food voucher that we can use at any of the 6 foodcourts we have! We were given CCA points too (which I needed badly). So I guess I shouldn’t complain much. But it would be better if they provide us some refreshments like snacks and drinks. 

    Heehee, thank God I wasn’t doing this alone too! Some of my close friends did it together with me. 

    This is me talking to the students! Brought them to the Writer’s Room. Wonder who’s brilliant idea was it to renovate that “dumped” place into something so creative and cool!

    They were also brought to The Agency to get to experience real life working experience. All these places were newly renovated, and the juniors are so lucky to get to use it! But it’s okay, I have one more year to use that place :p

    Anyway, have you decided which course you want to study? Remember to think carefully and not regret later ya! And to those who are interested in media marketing and communications, you know where you should go to. :) it’s #possiblewithSP