1. Less is More

    "NATURAL -LOOKING" make-up often translates as switching to a palette of taupes and browns, but for spring/summer 2012 the minimalistic beauty trend really does mean paring things right back.

    At Proenza SchoulerMissoni and Peter Pilotto, make-up artists shunned mascara in favour of a pretty, bare eye look, whilst flawless bases and conditioned lips had the models looking healthy and radiant.

    So, if you can bear to be parted from your extra-volumising mascaras and bright lipsticks this season, take a look at our round-up of the prettiest minimalistic beauty looks from the catwalk.

    Was looking at the lastest trend of make up on www.vouge.co.uk and came across this particular article. It was reported that the latest makeup look on the runways is minimalism.

    I personally really love minimalist makeup because I think it’s the best way to emphasise your natural beauty, and in the case of a runway show, eliminating the crazy makeup looks will allow the audience to concentrate more on the fashion.

    Say yes to looking healthy and radiant! :)

  2. Youtube Beauty Gurus That I Subscribe To

    Here are some of my favourite beauty gurus whom I follow on youtube to get my inspirations. They are pretty much famous so I’m not surprise that you know them. 

    1. Michelle Phan

    2. BubzBeauty

    3. ElleAndBlaire

    4. Kandee Johnson

    5. Fleur De Force

  3. 17:26

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    Bought & Tested Part 5: Clinique

    Woah woah woah. This week will be different~ Normally I’ll get my beauty products from Gmarket but this time is different! Yes, I finally got the Basic 3-Step skincare regime products from Clinique

    It cost me quite a bomb but I’m willing to spend money if it produce good results. I’ve seen many reviews of it and all of it were excellent. 

    They have specialised products just for your type of skin. They even have free skin analysis

    Since my face is the oily type, I bought the Liquid Facial Soap for Oily Skin, Clarifying Lotion No. 3 and Moisturiser for Oily skin. Total cost $144 T.T *heart pain*

    After trying it for a few days, this is how I felt:


    1. Face feels smooth and clean after using the facial soap. 

    2. Gentle on the face.

    3. Moisturiser is not as oily as my usual ones.

    4. Toner removes excess dirt from my face.


    1. It’s costly.

    HAHA! I can’t really rate this product yet as I just started using it only. But I can guarantee that it’ll be good. I promise. :)

  4. Bought & Tested Part 4: PORE PACK

    Hellllo~~ To those who have troubles with blackheads or whiteheads, fret not! I’m here to recommend you this pore pack that I have recently bought! 
    Wondering where I buy most of my beauty products from? Yeap, it’s none other than Gmarket.com.sg It’s one of the best online shopping site because it’s cheap, you do not need to move your ass to buy, and they deliver it right to your door step!

    So, this magic product is Shiseido Pore Pack Mask! They have Naturgo mask, black mask and whitening mask! I bought all three types to try it out. It cost $1 per pack and I can use it on my whole face. =D

    As you can see those white spots are my whiteheads and facial hair.


    1. It removes most of the visible whiteheads.

    2. It also removes my facial hairs.

    3. Face feel very fresh and clean after using.

    4. You can choose to put any part of your face instead of the nose only.


    1. It hurts when you peel it off.

    2. Not ALL whiteheads can be removed.

    3. Not ALL blackheads can be removed.

    Overall rating: 4.5/5

    *p/s: Remember to apply toner and moisturiser after that! You’ll definitely see and feel the difference! 

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Black and gold nail wheel


    Black and gold nail wheel

  6. Bought & Tested Part 3: HAIR PRODUCTS

    Hi everybody! This week will be ALL ABOUT HAIR~

    I permed my hair around 10 months ago and I’m losing the curls already. As I’m dirt poor, I couldn’t afford to re-perm my hair as it would cost a bomb. Yes, my hair is waist long so it really cost a lot! So in order not to spend such a huge amount of money, I would need to invest in better hair products that can make my curls stay.

    As many of you know that curls are very dry and frizzy. So you really need a lot of attention to your hair. 

    I bought this 3 great thing that help me a lot!

    1. Philips Hair dryer with diffuser

    2. Some German Hair cream for damage hair.

    3. Liese Hair mousse no. 3 

    First, I would apply the hair cream from the roots of my hair to the ends of it. The cream contains blue beads which helps to treat dry hair. After applying, there is a cooling sensation. Next, I would split my hair into two section; right and left side. Then I would twirl both side inwards. After that, I would either put my hair mousse first to have a stronger holding power and use the hair dyer with the diffuser and blow it dry. If not I’ll use the mousse after I blow dry my hair. 


    p/s: I do this every night only as I only wash hair in the night. Washing the hair too often causes my hair to be even dry so I cut down to once a day :) and my hair condition improved a bit. 

    Hair Dryer + Hair Cream:

    Hair Dryer + Mousse: 

    Overall rating: 4/5

  7. Bought & Tested Part 2: FACE MASSAGE ROLLER

    This time round I’ll be talking about the face massage roller that I bought along with the nose clip earlier from GMarket! It cost $3.90! Cheaper than my nose clip.

    The face massage roller is to help relax the face muscle and after a long time of usage, it will help to slim the face down. It looks similar to the hand and leg cellulite roller, but this is smaller for the face. 

    I used it mainly on my upper neck as I have double chin. My cheeks is chubby only when I smile, but If I don’t it look quite slim as I have a long head. (not a bad thing)


    1. Helps to exercise and relax my face’s muscle.

    2. Prevent saggy face.

    3. Comfortable after awhile.

    4. Small and portable. You can bring it anywhere you want. 

    5. Cheap and affordable

    6. 10 minutes every day is more than enough.


    1. The extra roller that is for the neck kind of hurts more than the 2 main rollers. 

    2. Felt a bit of discomfort for the first few times.

    3. Using it more than 1 hour could cost pimple breakout. 

    Overall rating: 4/5

    But this is a long run method whereby you need to use it everyday to see the results and maintain it. 

  8. Bought & Tested Part 1: NOSE CLIP

    Hi everyone! Yes Today I’ll be doing a weekly update for Bought & Tested! Basically, I’ll buy random beauty stuff and try them out and I will tell you how I feel about it. 

    Ok. As all of you know how asians like to invent weird/cool stuff, today I’ll be trying the NOSE CLIP that I’ve bought from GMarket weeks ago. I’ve been using regularly (but not daily, because sometimes I forgot about it). 

    Gmarket sells many different kind of nose clip. The price range from as low as $1 to $4.90. The one that I bought is a butterfly shape and it cost $4.90. From the pictures it looks like the best nose clip (highest price too) so I bought it. And it’s pink in colour! Pretty~

    This is how it looks like.


    1. It’s easy to wear.

    2. It’s cute.

    3. It makes my nose look a teeny weeny sharper.

    4. Cheap & affordable.


    1. It’s uncomfortable at first but will get used to it after awhile.

    2. My spectacles would always make the nose clip loose.

    3. Not really recommended for people with oily skin as it will keep slipping off.

    4. Unadjustable. My nose isn’t that big, so I think it’s not tight enough for me. 

    Overall I would rate it 3/5 

    I’ll continue to use it if I remember, cos I “believed” it would make my nose sharper. 

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  10. For those of you who are complaining about Facebook’s new interface/ accidentally click to change to the new interface and hating it, you can actually change it back to the old interface! ^^ 

    Just click on the link above and see how you could get it done! 

    p/s: I think people prefer the old facebook is because it’s much easier to use and see. But the new facebook layout seems cooler! Maybe when I have the time I’ll try it out. If I like it, I’ll stick to the new layout, but if I don’t I can always change it back to the old layout :D

    p/p/s: If you have any cool/awesome/pretty/cute Facebook layout, please show me ok! I need inspirations! ^^ Thankew!